Curved Folding Assembly

Atlanta, GA
Studio II

Instructor: Michelle Rinehart

Harnessing the subtractive unveils new alternative structural solutions.

A deep slice divides.
A surface slice creates.

These variations in conjunction allow planar materials to be reconstituted into a structurally robust kit-of-parts.

Module Aggregation: Curved folded struts with surface to surface tab connections

3D Printed Model of Script Applied to Site Constraints
As a system, the structure was designed to be dynamic in its homogeneity. Each module is the result of the same set of operations, parametrically adapted to produce a specific geometry in aggregation.

Process Array:  Ideation Sketching, Digital Modeling, Fabrication Prototyping

Parametric script is developed based on physical prototype feedback

Derivation of Surface Geometry; Scripting

Interior Renderings

Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2021