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Emergent Graphics

Expressive Tectonics

Cambridge, MA

MIT, Geometric Disciplines

Instructor: J. Jih

Can surfaces generate their own emergent graphics?

NURBS surface modeling inherently relies on networks of lines and splines to calculate and represent a surface. These lines directly inform the way we understand and construct complex surfaces. Often such lines are expressed as seams or in formwork. What if we gave these lines enough depth that they compete hierarchically with the original surface they were intended to express?

Powder Printed Model Detail

Oriented Readings

Surface Construction
Mirrored Aggregation

Drawing tectonic language from bushed concrete, the ruling lines of the surfaces are expressed as parallel series of ridges with deep grooves. Although the object purely expresses constructive geometries, the interplay of solid and void results in a graphic reading that changes with orientation and subdues the legibility of the geometry which it intends to display.
Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2023