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Richter Gallery

Atlanta, GA
Program: Art Gallery

Georgia Tech, Studio VI

Instructor: Jude Leblanc
Collaborator: Katie Koskey

Perspective is the most basic form of distortion.

A space for Gerhard Richter’s work must engage with distortion and vision at the scale of the body to preserve the artist’s intention. As a gallery for the urban condition of Atlanta, these ideas can expand to blur urban boundaries and better connect the city’s isolated conditions of campuses, art, and gardens.

Digital Collage: Gerhard Richter’s Trapezium 1965 + Charcoal Light Study

Urban Investigation: Inversion of city and garden conditions
Could the lines between city and garden be blurred such that the garden is read first?
Ground Level “The Meadow”
Basement 1 “The Garden”
Basement 2 “The Grotto”

Transverse Sections
Gradual level changes on the exterior make the structure easily accessible to visitors from all directions while more drastic level changes occur inside to permit varying degrees of light into the different gallery depths.

Seasonal Street PresenceThe reserved form of the gallery facilitates site’s dual function as a park. Accordingly, the street presence of the building becomes seasonal, fluctuating between more or less assertive over time. 
Exploded Axonometric: Nature conditions mediate spatial organization

“The Garden”

“The Grotto”

Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2023