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Masonry System

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech, Intro to Robotic Fabrication

Instructor: Shani Sharif
Collaborators: Andres Erazo, Jose Sosa, Yuancao Zhao

How can robotics augment the skills of a craftsman?

The possibility for precision dry stacking creates a new role of the mason, affording additional freedom in process and outcome. With the ability to step back and oversee progress, the craft can be employed in a more thoughtful manner.

Prototype Detail

Since mortar presents an issue in robotic masonry applications, this system relies on dry stacking combined with grout for reinforcement. Within the constraint of core alignment, the blocks are free to rotate and shift orientation, allowing for parametric variation within the structural system.

Base Structural Logic Utilizing a fiber reinforced self-consolidating grout and steel reinforcement in the cores is faster than traditional mortar reinforcement and more suitable for robotic application due to the variable consistency of mortar.

Rule 01: Placement Check for Design Scripting

Construction: Grouting

Construction: Robotic Stacking

Rule 02: Cores Align for Vertical Grout Channels

Rule 03: 2+ Rows Interlock for Lateral Reinforcement

Rule 04: Construction is Segmented for Rebar Overlap

Full Scale Prototypes (3)
Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2023