Urban Bathhouse

Atlanta, GA
Studio V        

Instructor: Mark Cottle

As the limits of our perception shift, patterns which embody space are revealed.

The rituals of bathing evoke an architecture grounded in culture yet sensible to time, material, and temperature. 

Puzzle Model “Bounded Cloud”

Puzzle SequencingThe process began with a puzzle. Four each of large, medium, and small spaces must be reconciled within an 80’x80’ footprint. No program, no material, purely surfaces and space.
Puzzle Perspective “Endless Terrain”

Phenomenological Studies, Charcoal, 18” x 24”  The ritual of tea-making reveals many of the qualitative aspects of the bathhouse program. Light, temperature, and humidity characterize the different spaces along the journey through the bathhouse.

Site Plan: Rooftop HVAC systems or zen gardens? The program of the urban bathhouse challenges the norms of its context and asks questions about how the urban fabric could be more pleasant to occupy.

Street View


Lounge Pool

Transverse Section
Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2021