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New Wave

Future Retail

Athens, Greece
Program: Retail

Georgia Tech, Studio IV         

Instructor: John Peponis
Collaborators: Maria Pastorelli, Skylar Royal

Why do we shop?

The surge of online retail threatens the survival of brick and mortar shops. To compete with supreme convenience, space must be optimized to facilitate the qualities of experience that make the physical act of stepping into the shop worthwhile: the human interaction, the spectacle, and the sensation.

Main Street Render

Spatial Morphology; Parametric Evaluation of Form in Urban Context

Exploded Axonometric View

Site Model; 1:200 Scale
Depicted in copper, the wall that regulates the space makes the assumption based on contemporary retail initiatives such as Amazon Go that digitized product retrieval will be commercially viable within the decade. The wall, filled with personalized carts moving on tracks to retrieve products from storage, would allow the customer to shop hands-free, digitally curating their selection through provided interfaces. When the customer is ready to try their items, they proceed to the top floor lounge where their cart is delivered.

User Sequence
Section Perspective
Section Model; 1:50 Scale

Display Space
By creating a distinct separation of display and storage, the display space is freed to become a sensory experience full of light and interaction. Consultation and interface allow just as much information to be available, but the process of shopping itself becomes more enjoyable in a less cluttered environment.

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