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Orbital State Machine

Analog Gyroscope

Cambridge, MA

MIT, Creative Computation

Instructor: Brandon Clifford

How can computation let us interact precisely with form?

This process deploys computational calibration of form to encompass a range of possible orientations. Based on the stabilizing principles behind a gyroscope, Orbital uses rotational motion to alter its center of mass, changing its orientation in space.
3D-Printed Model, Balanced State
Sub-Assembly: Interlocked Toruses
Sub-Assembly: Torus Housing
Nested Assembly

Interaction Demo

As the unevenly weighted toruses rotate, the center of mass of the assembly changes causing incremental change in orientation. 
Variable Orientation Assembly

Algorithmically Optimized SectionConstrained points preserve the tangencies required for housing to support the toruses and allow for rotation. Interior wall thicknesses are treated as variables, and solved with genetic algorithms to increase weight variability while preserving the balanced state’s center of mass.
Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2023