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Winery in Times of Drought

Valle de Guadelupe, Baja California, Mexico
Program: Winery

MIT, Core III Studio   

Instructor: Sheila Kennedy
Collaborator: Zhicheng Xu

Building the last landscape in Baja California

The Valle de Guadalupe is overflowing with vineyards. The ecosystem is shriveling, rejecting the winemaking process, sustained only by the lifeline of water piped from the Colorado River. The last landscape waiting to be developed remains on the steep terrains, yet the developers want to flatten them too.

1:200 Site Model
Site Condition, 1:300 Site Survey Model

Concept Diagram: Micro-climates
1:500 Site Plan: The Last Landscape
1:25 Framing Study: Light-gauge steel on boulder foundations

1:25 Framing: Dappled Light Studies

Detail Concept Models: Frame Construction on Irregular Foundations

Construction Research: Accessible Labor

1:1 Framing Study: On-Site Manufacturability

Site Strategy: Steep Slope Access
1:25 Section Model
1:50 Longitudinal Section

1:25 Model Detail
1:25 Model Detail: Occupiable Cladding

1:25 Model Detail: Occupiable Beam
1:25 Detail Section: Thermal Enclosure
Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2023