A collection of inquiries in
to understand the world
as an assembly of:





Stage Set

Theater in Motion

Emerald Necklace, Boston, MA
Program: Theater

MIT, Core I Studio   

Instructor: Hans Tursack

How can we deconstruct the hierarchy of theater?

The program of theater is traditionally hermetic and context agnostic. To address the more democratic needs of a contemporary urban theater, the classical forms of the typology are analyzed, deconstructed, and redistributed as site level arrangements. Through this process, the language of formal analysis is deployed to produce new relationships of performer and audience.

Compositional Machine: Kinetic Model

Site Collage: Dispersing Central Schemes  Palladian Alphabet

  Formal Analysis as Performance Generator
Axonometric View: Fields of Follies

Static/Deployed States
Folly Index

Plan View: Field

Plan View Deployment

Scenario: Field

Scenario: Pond

Site Models: Field, Hills, Pond

Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2023