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Drawing Machines Drawing Machines

Generative YMCA

Coney Island, NYC
Program: YMCA

MIT, Core II Studio   

Instructor: Mariana Ibañez

How does modifying our tools affect the architecture we create?

The YMCA consists of highly variable program types that must be reconciled into a singular system of interrelated parts.

Scribe hypothesizes that the conventional iterative process used in architecture has neglected the generative potential of our design tools. We use a variety of drawing machines to translate designs from one medium to another: what if we treat this iterative moment of transcribing coordinates and dimension as the point from which the design emerges?

Translation 01: Machine Drawing
Translation 00: Drawing Machine

Without modifying the tool, there are ordinarily two axes of motion that constitute the action of making a mark with a compass. Rolling the pinch point between the fingers, the end effector pivots about the stationary point. Adjusting the height of the hand, the compass can be tilted downward toward the work surface to lessen pressure.

Linkage Studies: Scripting reciprocal systems
Translation 02: Digitized Drawing 

Composite Drawing: Superimposed states from the scripted drawing
Section A: Facing North

Basement Plan
Relief Studies

Translation 03: Lasercut Relief Drawings
Section B: Facing West

Ground Floor Plan
Curved Fold Massing Studies

Translation 04 Curved Folded Site Model, 1/8” = 1’-0”
Projected Plans: Floors 3-5
Translation 05: Section Axon Relief Model,  1/4” = 1’-0”
Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2023