Danny Griffin

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to understand the world
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Drawing Machines Drawing Machines

Generative YMCA

Coney Island, NYC
Program: YMCA

MIT, Core II Studio   

Instructor: Mariana Ibañez

How does modifying our tools affect the architecture we create?

The YMCA consists of highly variable program types that must be reconciled into a singular system of interrelated parts.

Scribe hypothesizes that the conventional iterative process used in architecture has neglected the generative potential of our design tools. We use a variety of drawing machines to translate designs from one medium to another: what if we treat this iterative moment of transcribing coordinates and dimension as the point from which the design emerges?

Translation 01: Machine Drawing
Translation 00: Drawing Machine

Linkage Studies: Scripting reciprocal systems
Translation 02: Digitized Drawing 

Composite Drawing: Superimposed states from the scripted drawing
Section A: Facing North

Basement Plan
Relief Studies

Translation 03: Lasercut Relief Drawings
Section B: Facing West

Ground Floor Plan
Curved Fold Massing Studies

Translation 04 Curved Folded Site Model, 1/8” = 1’-0”
Projected Plans: Floors 3-5
Translation 05: Section Axon Relief Model,  1/4” = 1’-0”
Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2023