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Glitch Tectonics

Digital Precarity

Cambridge, MA

MIT,Part Objects: Precarious Structures and other forms of Sculptural Disorder

Instructor: Hans Tursack
Collaborator: Ryan Clement

Can we design with disorder?

Drawing on a lineage based in abstract minimalism, this exploration seeks to apply traditions of disorder found in sculpture and painting to architectural form. In this process, the artifacts and glitches of digital modeling are treated as ontologically equivalent to the structural performance of the form. 

Exhibition Model, 2’ x 2’ x 5’

Digital Physics Using Maya physics simulation as the basis to generate a composition, simple forms are selected and associated with gravity and collision forces. As the rigs collapse into each other, the forms overlap and intersect. These moments of intersection become opportunities for structural connection in the physical model.

Graphic and Tectonic Seams
The extents of each segment are signified with reveals creating small gaps of shadow. In certain segments, the color extends beyond the physical joint, implying the digital joint between parts.

Exploded Plan
Physical Details: Digital Physics

Axonometric Assembly Diagram

Oblique View

Oblique Elevations
The graphical treatment of the joinery is designed to enable readings of the structure as an object in the round. Shifting views around the piece produce alternating figural readings, causing figures to emerge and recede upon interaction.

Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2023