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Auxetic Forming

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Institute of Technology,  Independent Research
President’s Undergraduate Research Award

Supervisor: Daniel Baerlecken

How can we diversify material application in construction?

Auxetic patterning allows for precise forming of doubly curved surfaces.
Dichroic film interacts differently with light relative to viewing angle.

In tandem, these operations allow planar material to become a measure of surface curvature for any given point along a three-dimensional surface.

Auxetic Pattern applied to PETG Sheet
Prototype geometry for aluminum panel
Test Models, PETG, 12”x12”
Robotic Forming Long Exposure

Forming Process The waterjet-cut aluminum sheet is mounted at the edges to a steel channel frame. The end effector, a hard rubber ball, is pressed into the sheet repeatedly to form the sheet outward.

Surface geometry derived from perforation pattern

Panel Prototype
Danny Griffin Selected Works 2014-2024